Afterlab: The Associations to Know for Your PhD

Afterlab: The Associations to Know for Your PhD


Bar Les Caractères, 25 Rue des Grands Augustins Paris 75006
Biology Communication 8 participants

Doc&Co', Doc'Up, PhD Talent, BioDocs, ABG, ... You may have heard some of these names! All these associations provide different services for PhD students and young doctors, for instance meetings with professionals, PhD events, career fairs or tips to prepare and manage their careers.

On Thursday 4th February, you'll have the occasion to meet members of these associations and discuss with them about what they can do for you and to improve your life during and after your PhD in friendly, informal surroundings.

Come join us at the Bar les Caractères on Thursday 4th of February to relax around food and drinks with your colleagues at Complexité du Vivant and discover those people who can help you with your PhD life and career.

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